11 minutes | Sep 20th 2015

Bonus Episode: How Do I Know if I’m at the Right Company to Support my Continuous Improvement Career with Keith Gardner

This week’s bonus episode is an answer to a listener question.  I asked Keith Gardner the President of E-MRI who was a guest of the podcast in Episode 006 to answer our listener.  Our listener, Taylor, has a great question that I think a lot of people have had in their career and Keith shares some great advice that I think would benefit almost everyone in the podcast audience. I hope Keith’s advice was helpful to Taylor and to the rest of the audience.  Have any of you felt at some point in your career like Taylor?  I think Keith provides us with some great questions to ask ourselves and our employer to make the right decisions in our careers.  I think that Keith’s recommend questions will help spur a meaningful conversation with your employer. I appreciate Keith taking time out of his busy schedule to help give some guidance to our listener and the podcast audience.  If you want to learn more about how to get in touch with Keith or want to hear his complete episode where he shares his experiences with Continuous Improvement go to his show notes page at www.leanleadershippodcast.com/006 Do you have a question that you would like answered by me or one of our guests?  Do you have feedback that you believe will help us improve the podcast for you and the rest of our audience?  You can leave a message for us using the speak pipe plugin we have on our website.  Go to www.leanleadershippodcast.com/feedback and leave us a message and we may use your question or comment in a future episode. Finally Lean Leadership Nation, I applaud you for taking the wheel and the driver’s seat for upgrading yourself and investing in yourself to become a better leader.  Growth is a journey not a destination and I sincerely thank you for allowing the podcast to help you find your way.  Good luck and remember, Progress over perfection!   Helpful Links The Lean CEO by Jacob Sto
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