46 minutes | Aug 15th 2017

TLP060: Want to Know What A “Best Boss” Knows?

Summary & Ideas for Action

Tim Cole, Founder, author of The Compass Solution, talks about his 37-year career in one company as a pharmaceutical executive, and he’s sharing what he wish he had known early in his career!


Key Takeaways

[2:33] Tim worked at one company for 37 years. His book comes from his experiences through many corporate changes. He wrote the book as a compass and map to help people stay on track.

Tim’s career compass has four cardinal points. As he developed and followed these points along his journey, his career ascended.

[8:05] Tim wrote his book for Millennials trying to find traction in their careers. As the book evolved, it became more focused on the majority of the workforce who are disenfranchised. He also addresses CEOs, on creating a culture where people want to be. In his book, Tim covers transformative leadership and transactional management and the difference between.

[12:22] Transformative leaders create enduring impact that motivates, years later. Tim learned on the Crucible that adversity and discomfort can be wonderful, that depending on the team is everything, and that debriefing each day is powerful. 

[17:59] The larger the organization, the more there are delays in quality decision-making. Create a culture where you think like a small company. This happens when leaders embody two traits: first, they are responsive to market change, and second, they foster a culture that status quo is not good enough.

[20:12] Influence does not come with a title, but by how you conduct yourself and treat others. Great companies focus on people and culture. When people want to be there, everything becomes easier.

[29:21] Tim identifies five timeless leadership principles: having credibility, caring, being trustworthy, being committed to a vision of excellence, and helping to make people better. These are supported by asking the right questions to find what is important to the ones they lead.

[37:00] Tim started his career working longer and harder than others, but learned later in his career to network, and build relationships. Tim’s loyalty was earned by leaders and people around him who had values and philosophies that Tim believed, that carried him through the hard times.


Website: TheCompassAlliance.com

LinkedIn: Tim Cole

Twitter: @officialtimcole

Instagram: @officialtimcole

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