47 minutes | Feb 25, 2021

163: We Don't Take Away without Rebuilding

Skeet and Gayle Burris are proud owners of Cypress Bay Plantation, a 2500+ acre farm and is nationally recognized for exceptional forestry, wildlife management and conservation. Skeet and Gayle share what it was like working on the farm in the very early days when it was an undeveloped 95-acre property. Lean in as Skeet and Gayle talk about how their vision back in 1986 has come true, and how they plan to keep the family legacy alive.    Key Takeaways: [2:00] How did Skeet get his start in tree farming?  [6:00] Gayle shares her version of the story on how the family got involved in tree farming.  [7:25] Feeding four boys during the very early days was not easy, but Gayle believed in Skeet.  [10:50] Skeet shares how he came up with his big picture vision for the farm. [16:25] Skeet was fortunate that he purchased abandoned and exhausted land and, over time, built it into something.  [17:40] How did Skeet get tree farm certified?  [19:40] What does tree farming mean to Skeet?  [22:15] Skeet’s vision came true. What’s his vision going forward in 2021 and beyond?  [24:35] Skeet and his family have made an active effort to support conservation efforts on their farm and it’s paid off!  [26:45] Gayle realized in the early days that the boys had a negative association with the farm because it meant ‘hard work’. So she worked on creating long-lasting traditions and positive memories with the whole family and friends in the community. Now, whenever her boys come, they’re proud to show their children what they’ve built.  [31:25] As Skeet was building up the farm, Gayle realized she also needed a niche and decided to get into photography.  [34:15] How did the name Cypress Bay come about?  [35:40] Skeet talks a little bit about his love for South Carolina.  [43:00] What words of wisdom and tips does Skeet  and Gayle have for fellow tree farmers?    Mentioned in This Episode: Sctreefarm.org State.sc.us Scforestry.org Americanforests.org Cypressbayplantation.com
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