49 minutes | Feb 4, 2021

160: Tree Farming Is a Way of Life for Me

Randell Ewing is a tree farmer with deep roots in Darlington County, South Carolina. He got into tree farming by accident when he purchased a small piece of land in his early 20s for hunting purposes. Since then, he’s grown his property by thousands of acres and it’s now turned into a family business with him and his son. Listen in as you hear Randell’s stories about his tree farm and the amount of pride he has for growing trees.    Key Takeaways: [1:40] Where did the name for Randell’s farm, Indian Summer, come from?  [2:40] How did Randell get started in tree farming? [5:50] Randell got his start on 15 acres and originally wanted to use it for hunting. However, he never actually hunted on it, instead he used it for conservation.  [7:25] Randell shares a little bit about his wife, who has since passed on.  [10:35] Randell shows Tom and Emily some of the coolest things he owns in his barn/storage. [15:45] Randell dives into how he found out about tree farming.  [17:40] How did Randell and his son start working together?  [19:30] Randell was worried at first that the business would struggle if he brought is son in, but it has been a blessing.  [22:35] We hear a little bit from Randell’s son, Randell Jr.!  [26:35] Why is Randell so passionate about tree farming?  [29:25] It’s just common sense to plant trees. You’re helping the environment.  [30:10] A walk through the forest is almost like going to church. [31:05] Randell Jr. shares a fond memory he had on his dad’s farm. [37:00] If you can’t look after your business, better hire someone to help you.  [41:05] Everything Randell has learned today has come from the tree farm program. There are a lot of programs and resources out there for you!  [41:45] It’s important to be an advocate for trees, environment, and more, because the politicians in big cities aren’t aware of their importance. You have to let them know.  [45:15] What is Randell thankful for?
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