48 minutes | Dec 28, 2020

156: We have Potential. We have Strengths and We have Opportunity.

Dr. Myron F. Floyd currently serves as Dean of the College of Natural Resources at NC State University. He first joined the college in 2005 as a professor in the Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management. In 2010, he was appointed to serve as director of graduate programs for the department, and in 2014, he became department head. Dr. Myron discusses the importance of mentorship in his career, his role as a department head and professor, and what makes an exceptional leader.   Key Takeaways: [:45] A quick intro about Dr. Myron’s background. [2:45] How did Dr. Myron get started in natural resources? [4:50] Dr. Myron fell in love with the history of why we have parks, public lands, and forests. He wanted to be part of it. [5:55] What makes a good teacher? Dr. Myron shares a little bit about one of his favorite professors in school and how it helped captivate his love for forests. [8:05] What was Dr. Myron’s first leadership position? [12:30] Dr. Myron shares the skillsets he had to learn when he transitioned from a team of one to leading others. [14:55] Faculty members are a unique species. They tend to be focused on people with their own expertise, but it can sometimes be difficult to have a broader view of the whole ecosystem as a whole. [16:55] How does Dr. Myron define leadership? [18:10] Mentoring is really rewarding work for Dr. Myron. He wants to help a student see their full potential. He believes the job of a leader is to help people unlock this potential. [19:25] Who were some of Dr. Myron’s mentors? [27:05] How do you find a good mentor? [31:55] What is Dr. Myron proud of in his career? [36:25] What does Dr. Myron wish he’d learned sooner in his career? [40:25] Where is the future of the forestry profession headed? [46:45] How do you make an exceptional leader?   Mentioned in This Episode: Cnr.ncsu.edu/directory/myron-floyd Dr. Myron on Twitter
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