48 minutes | Aug 28, 2019

151: Fire Knows No Boundaries so We’re All on the Same Team

Robyn Broyles is the Fire Communication and Education Specialist for the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the national interagency fire center in Boise, Idaho. In Robyn’s role, she focuses on the accomplishments of the Indian country’s wildland fire management and aviation programs. Robyn is also a tribal member of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation. Find out more about Robyn and her role with the BIA on this week’s episode!   Key Takeaways: [1:10] A message from Leadership Nature. [1:50] A quick intro about Robyn’s background. [3:40] Robyn shares what she does for the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA). [8:15] Robyn gives an insightful overview of what the fire management team does. [12:05] Everything is tightly woven together, you can’t have fire management without timber management, and you can’t have timber management without vegetation management. [16:20] Has Robyn moved around a lot due to her job? [20:00] Robyn had to overcome her fear of heights during training. [24:55] What is the wildland fire community like? [27:45] How can someone get started in wildland fire? [31:15] Robyn shares how you can get experience in this field. You don’t have to start from the bottom. The fire community is always looking for mid-level experience! [34:25] What kinds of challenges has Robyn faced so far in her career? [38:15] What’s it like being part of the National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG)? [41:45] Robyn shares the kinds of mentors she’s had over the years who have made an impact on her.   Mentioned in This Episode: Bia.govBia.gov/jobs Nwcg.gov
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