40 minutes | Sep 15th 2020

At Home With Leaders - Danny Kerry

"Since Rio I've been asking myself do the athletes coming into the squad have a different set of values and attitudes and do I have the skills to adjust to that?"

Danny Kerry, who has served as the Head Coach of the Great Britain and England men's hockey teams since 2018, is pondering the ways that athletes have evolved and whether he, as a coach, has the skillset to work with a new cohort.

He asks himself that question a lot, he tells At Home With Leaders, and while he suggests that he has not always connected with athletes, Kerry has coached at international level for 23 years, with his crowning glory being the gold medal he won as Head Coach with the Great Britain women's team at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

In conversation with co-hosts Matthew Stone, Leaders’ Senior Product Manager, and sports psychologist and consultant Michael Caulfield, Kerry also reflects on:

- Why the lockdown proved to be a 'gift' for Kerry and his staff ahead of the postponed Tokyo Games [5:30];

- Tweaking his training programme to engender resilience and self-efficacy in players [15:00];

- How he helps his players to find fulfilment beyond winning out on the field [22:00];

- The power of a 'self-selecting culture' and developing a 'depth of leadership' [24:30].

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