36 minutes | Nov 25th 2020

EM 198 | An Executive Minds Replay, When Passion and Heart Lead the Way: Dana Spinola of fab'rik

It's the opening day of your new clothing boutique. As a new entrepreneur, you've worked so hard to see your passion and vision come to life. But when you arrive for your first day of work, you find that your business has been completely robbed. Everything from your inventory to your register is gone. What do you do?This is what happened to Dana Spinola, CEO of fab'rik boutique stores. Since the 2006 launch, fab'rik has grown to over 40 store locations and launched a nonprofit, free fab'rik. On today's episode of the podcast, Jeff and David join Dana in the fab'rik offices to hear her story. We hope you find Dana's unwavering vision and heart as inspiring as we did.       
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