62 minutes | Jan 19, 2016

LS 0066 - Bringing in the new year with James Costa

Today we start the new year off right with a good friend of ours, James Costa from Phuse. If you haven't heard the previous interview, (first of all you need to listen to it) Phuse is an amazing designer development studio headquartered in Toronto, Canada, where he holds the title of CEO. He is going to share his experience about managing goals and businesses. Topics discussed : ⁃starting the new year, where to put focus on. ⁃Managing a precise calendar vs keeping constant broad goals. ⁃Using metrics to manages goals and forming better habit. ⁃Figuring out what work in your day to day life and follow the rhythm of your clients. ⁃Divide tasks into pieces and teach yourself on forming good habits. Apps ⁃Wonderlist ⁃Way of Life ⁃Habitica ⁃Momentum habit tracker phuse.ca @https://twitter.com/jamescosta
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