41 minutes | Aug 15, 2021

Left Vulnerable Featuring Dr. Danitza Borges

Hola, bienvenidos, and welcome to the Latinx Identity ProjectThis is a podcast where we tell stories for us and by usI am your host, Elsa Iris ReyesToday’s guest is Dr. Danitza BorgesDr. Danitza Borges holds a Ph.D. in Human Sexuality.  As a Clinical Sexologist she works with a wide variety of individuals providing counseling on relationships, trauma, sexual abuse and assault, and gender identity.   Dr. Borges’ approach to counseling involves engaging with her clients to develop the necessary skills to build healthy relationships through self-discovery and couple collaboration, teaching strategies to reduce anxieties and triggers created by trauma, guiding clients toward personal healing, and navigating the complexities of gender identification, acceptance, and transitioning. She recently completed her memoir, Left Vulnerable, describing her own experiences with childhood incest.  Dr. Borges has spoken at sexual awareness events as well as on high school and college campuses.Today’s episode is special. I want to pause here in case you are not ready to hear this conversation or are uncomfortable with the topic of childhood rape and incest, in which case, please skip this episode. Our conversation today is meant to raise awareness and encourage others to speak up. My hope as someone who was sexually abused as a child is that no one else will have to go through the silent pain I endured. We tend to keep these things hidden out of shame, fear, or pressure to seem functional. I truly believe that opening up dialogue can help us understand the causes for abuse and ways to prevent it. In part of the episode We will discuss forgiveness and the complex relationships we have with our abusers. You may not agree with everything said and that is ok. We all have different experiences and perspectives on this issue.I want to thank Danitza for reaching out. Danitza, you are an inspiration. Thanks and enjoy the show.Check out the F Word Project on Instagram @fwordprojectPurchase Left Vulnerable on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Left-Vulnerable-Danitza-Borges/dp/1978114710If you liked this episode, please share it! Also subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts and follow me on Instagram to keep up with the latest news @thelatinxidentityprojectMusic and artwork by @riesgomaloSupport the show (https://paypal.me/latinxidentity?locale.x=en_US)
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