27 minutes | Feb 28, 2021

Artisan Collective Action Featuring Andrea Calderon

Hola, bienvenidos, and welcome to a podcast where we tell stories for us and by us.I’m your host, Elsa Iris ReyesToday’s episode guest is Andrea Calderon, the founder of Artesanias Insitu - a collective of artisans from several indigenous communities across MexicoIN SITU BELIEVES INSUPPORTING ARTISANS DIRECTLYFAIR PRICESJUST PAY FOR CREATIVESINCLUSIVITY ELEVATING BIPOC AND ALL PEOPLEPRESERVING ANCIENT CUSTOMSFIGHTING PLAGIARISMLEARNING FROM ONE ANOTHERAndrea is an all around lovely person with a big heart and mission to uplift others. Please check her out on instagram found here: @in.situ.artisan.collectiveand her website found here: https://www.artesaniasinsitu.net/As always, if you like what you hear on the show - please rate, review, and subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts. Also follow me on Instagram @thelatinxidentityproject to keep up with the latest show updatesThanks and enjoy the show!Music and logo by: Emmanuel Reyes, follow him at @trueloathingFinally - if you would like to donate to relief efforts after the Texas weather crisis, please check out my fundraiser here: https://www.latinxidentityproject.com/donateSupport the show (https://paypal.me/latinxidentity?locale.x=en_US)
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