31 minutes | Sep 1, 2020


Holden goes to break his brother out of the Marauders' camp where he's being held hostage.---Our post-apocalyptic broadcast proudly supports BOOKSHOP, an online bookstore with a mission to financially support local, independent bookstores. If you want to support both Bookshop and The Last Station, check out our affiliate store at https://www.kingdomofpavement.com/thelaststation Our entire cast and crew have picked their favorite sci-fi and post-apocalyptic novels that we think you’ll love.This episode of The Last Station is produced by Kingdom of Pavement and called THE STARS ARE NOT STARS, and is written by myself and directed by Tyler-Marie Walker and produced by Kyle Cords. If you like it, we would love for you to subscribe and leave us a review on Apple podcasts, or wherever you listen to podcasts and strange numbers stations while gazing up at the occasionally starless void above.Want to support your local radio station at the end of the world and help us to continue to broadcast? Go to https://www.kingdomofpavement.com/thelaststation for more info, check out our store, and track us down on all the social media that has survived the apocalypse. We are also incredibly grateful for our current Patrons with the call signs: Space Kimchi November, Medusa Gomez, Alpha Charlie Echo, The Dungeon Master, Kylie, and Chynna Mela. Your contributions make The Last Station possible.Marina is voiced by Portia Juliette, who is on Instagram @PortiaJamas, and Holden by Sid Phoenix, who can be found on Instagram @SidPhoenix. Dustin is voiced by Daniel Rashid, who can be found on Instagram @danielrashid, and Jake by Keanu Ross-Cabrera who can be found on Instagram @theotherkeanu. Additional voices were Eden Polich (@edenmackenzie) and Amanda Parola (@Moana_daughterofthechief).This episode was sound designed and mixed by Jeff Cendejas, who can be found on Instagram as @mrdejas, and Jared Fellows, who can be found on Instagram @itgroovy. Original compositions by Stephen Ptacek, who can be found at stephenptacek.com.Original music in this episode includes "Satellite" by Alice Bloom who can be found on Spotify and on Instagram @alicebloommusic. "Clementine" was performed by Elena Murray, who can be found on Instagram @elenascarlettmurray.Graphics for The Last Station were designed by Noah Suarez-Sikes who can be found on Instagram @NoahPsychs, and Sydni Wright who can be found on Instagram @SydniMakes. Special thanks to Orphanage Collective and the rest of our incredible writing team for lending their thoughts and suggestions for our broadcasts. Also, a special thank you to our Associate Producer, Eden Polich, our ethical ad sales and marketing expert, Michael Perez, our assistant Helen Silverstein, and the rest of our Kingdom of Pavement team.Want to reach out? Our phone lines are always open, but we do prefer email these days. Drop us a note at: amy@kingdomofpavement.com with any tips about the Marauder's whereabouts, song requests, or advertising inquiries.
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