35 minutes | Jun 1, 2020


When a lonely radio host gets her first caller since she's been trapped in her radio station after the apocalypse, a mystery starts to unfold about what's transpired since the end of the world. Written, created, and produced by Amy Suto and Kingdom of Pavement, starring Portia Juliette as Marina and Sid Phoenix as Holden. More at: https://www.kingdomofpavement.com/thelaststationWant to support your local radio station at the end of the world and help us to continue to broadcast? Go to https://www.kingdomofpavement.com/thelaststation to learn more, check out our store, and track us down on all the social media that has survived the apocalypse. Be sure to subscribe and leave us a review on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to these words while gazing up at the occasionally starless void above.The Last Station is created and produced by Amy Suto and is a Kingdom of Pavement Production. This episode, "GOODBYE, WORLD," was written by Amy Suto. For more of Amy's work, go to AmySuto.com. Marina is voiced by Portia Juliette, who is on Instagram @PortiaJamas, and Holden by Sid Phoenix, who can be found on Instagram @Sid_Phoenix. Alice is voiced by Flannery Maney who can be found at FlanneryManey.com or on Instagram @FlanneryManey, and Dustin by Noah-Suarez-Sikes, who is on Instagram as @NoahPsychs. This episode was sound designed and mixed by Jeff Cendejas, who can be found on Instagram as @mrdejas. Original compositions by Stephen Ptacek, who can be found at stephenptacek.com. Our musical guest for this episode is Brother Smoke, featuring his song "The Coward's Way Out.” You can find more from Brother Smoke on Instagram, @IAmBrotherSmoke. The Coward’s Way Out was mixed and mastered by Sean Mcilwaine of Sweet Track Audio. Alice's Evening Lullaby was written by and featuring the voice of Flannery Maney, with guitar by Javier Busquet, who is on Instagram as @Javi_Busquet and the song was mixed and produced by Pietro Milanesi, who can be found at PietroMilanesi.com. Stay tuned for more music coming soon from Flannery Maney and Brother Smoke.Graphics for The Last Station were designed by Noah Suarez-Sikes and Sydni Wright, who can be found on Instagram @SydniMakes. Thanks to Chynna Mela and the Ausa Social team for their help with the station's social media and graphics. Special thanks to Orphanage Collective, Noah Suarez- Sikes, and the rest of our incredible writing team for lending their thoughts and suggestions for our first broadcast. Also, thank you to Lex Schultz, an integral part of the Kingdom of Pavement team, for helping us navigate the end of the world and everything in-between.Want to reach out? Our phone lines are always open, but we do prefer email these days. Drop us a note at: amy@kingdomofpavement.com with any tips about the Marauder's whereabouts, song requests, or advertising inquiries.Until next time, listeners, keep your radios tuned to The Last Station for sick beats and hope at the end of the world.
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