68 minutes | Nov 26th 2019

123 (VG) - Numbers That Go Up

Video Games: Chris and Dave have returned to their podcasting lives, which means returning to gaming, which means being grumpy. Chris gives Ghost Recon Breakpoint a bit of a protracted kicking, before Dave goes on a long gaming update in which he suggests Horizon Zero Dawn might be overrated, Gwent is a bit silly, Destiny 2 lives up to the disappointment, MLB The Show 19 is... a baseball game, but that Monster Hunter World is actually quite good. Finally, Chris gives the episode a positive ending by loving up mobile game Golf Blitz. Enjoy! Ghost Recon Breakpoint (03:17) Horizon Zero Dawn (24:20) Gwent (30:15) Destiny 2 (37:55) MLB The Show 19 (44:55) Monster Hunter World (48:05) Golf Blitz (54:40) This episode hosted by Chris Hanratty and Dave McCreary Music by the hosts, with Jokin Etxeberria This episode produced by Chris Hanratty Logo by Rebecca Horner www.firstplayertoken.com