56 minutes | Aug 6th 2020

Season One Finale Q&A; Online Dating, Sensual Tools For Working Women, Tantra & Libido

I would say I shed a little tear releasing this grande finale episode but I honestly didn't. I feel so damn aligned in my choices, and I know this podcast will continue to ripple out an effect the lives of many in the future.

Sometimes we have to give ourselves permission to stop and take all the pressure off to see who we are truly meant to become - and oh my goodness is there a lot of becoming going on right now!

This episode is a jam-packed Q&A, filled with golden nuggets of wisdom for you to enjoy & embody. Topics I cover are:

Libido in long term relationships.
Making sex fun again.
Online dating tips.
My personal radical sex routine.
Sexual confidence.
My favorite sex toys.

Annnd of course the biggest news of all! The Giveaway winner review is announced! Here is the winning review:

"I live on the other side of the earth from Laura Ellen and still, her way of sharing on her podcast makes it feels like she’s in my living room chatting with me over a hot cup of cocoa. Listening to her straight-from-the-heart wisdom has made me giggly and passionately massage my breasts at my desk at work without even realising it, purrr like a cat together with her and all the time with tingles all over my body like the pleasure queen she has helped me realise that I am.

Congratulations on finding this podcast. You are in for a juicy treat!!


I mean, I feel like we need to have warm cacao together after reading this! Congratulations Frika you are the winner (and send me a DM immediately!).

OK, now I feel a little nostalgic...

Thank you x a million to all of the people who have inspired me, collaborated with me and supported me over the last 1.5 years of the podcast journey. 

And thank you x infinity to all the people who messaged me with love & gratitude for the results they were getting out of this content. My whoooole heart <3

As always lovers, enjoy and I'll see in new ways in new offerings soon!