39 minutes | Jul 29th 2020

Multiple Orgasms, Cervical Pleasure & Opening Your Body To More Sensitivity Part 2

Welcome to part two of this epic two-part episode about all things orgasm!

We get SUPER juicy with this one, discussing topics like...

* Common myths and misconceptions that block us from accessing epic pleasure
* All the different kinds of orgasm we can access
* How I find pleasure even though I'm working on the computer soooo much lately
* Why a holistic approach to sexuality is essential
* Tools and approaches to increase your sensitivity
* Why most of us hold shame / conditioning around sexuality
* Where to start if you've never had an orgasm or feel super disconnected from your pleasure
* Limiting beliefs I held about my pleasure and my body
* Why pleasure is a skill you can build (and how that makes it waaaay more fun to explore and learn!)
* Why you're not broken and there's nothing wrong with you
* Why you're not meant to feel like sex all the time and ebbs and flows are natural
* Why I no longer keep vibrating devices in my house
* The key to opening to multiple orgasms
* Why letting go of orgasm as a goal gives you waaaay better orgasm!


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