37 minutes | Nov 25th 2020

Episode 100: That's Not Kosher

Hello, Lovelies! Ashley, for our special 100, tried to come up with a topic that encompassed all our favorite topics. She finally landed on Sherman Ranch a.k.a. Skywalker Ranch a.k.a. Skinwalker Ranch! Located southeast of Ballard, Utah, is a ranch that borders the Ute Indian Reservation is infamous for the strange, odd, and eerie. Originally owned by Kenneth and Edith Myers, the property changed hands in 1996 and was owned by Terry and Gwen Sherman... and this is when ish goes whack. Experiencing everything from legendary skinwalkers to mutilated animals, the Shermans had enough when in 1996 the ranch yet again changed hands and became the location of research for the paranormal and possible UFO activity. Join us this week as we discuss the theories behind this phenomenon and we scare Tiffany... Again.

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