43 minutes | Mar 24, 2021

563 - Treasure Peninsula

Hello!   Like the Tauredunum Event of the years 563 this podcast is a tsunami on Lake Geneva....   Episode #563 Segmented Thusly:   Movie Monologue = King of New York, An American Pickle, David Brent: Life on the Road and Saving Private Ryan.   Television Talk = Pretend It's a City and Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer.   Book Banter = Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson   Game Gabbin' = The Return to Asimoville (A DND One Shot Chat)   Internet Intercourse = Oxhorn (Fallout Lore Deep Dives), Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Custom End Tables, Trailer Park Boys - The Kittyman Sea Shanty and Doughboys: Five Guys 2 w/Andy Daly.
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