27 minutes | Aug 4th 2020

The Methylation Cycle: Deep Cuts

Methylation is a very important enzymatic reaction responsible for so many crucial metabolic processes. In our last episode, we introduced the topic of methylation and the basics of the biochemical reaction.  However, there are many subtle nuances to consider when assessing whether a patient’s methylation cycle is out of balance.

Today, we dive a bit deeper into the biochemistry and peel back the layers to show how some of the specific biomarkers and backup pathways contribute to imbalance. And, what does that mean clinically? It may help to review our prior episode or use Genova’s Methylation Pathway Handout to follow along.

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Today on The Lab Report:

  • 2:50 Quick review of the methylation cycle
  • 4:45 The important relationship between choline and betaine
  • 7:05 Logical Speculation: Why is the betaine: choline ratio associated with disease risk?
  • 9:35 Dimethylglycine (DMG)
  • 11:15 Sarcosine and the ‘SAM disposal chute’
  • 14:20 Glycine: What does it do?
  • 16:55 Transsulfuration and glutathione
  • 21:00 The multi-omics of the methylation panel
  • 22:25 Question of the Day:  What is the stability of measuring SAM and SAH?


Additional Resources:

Genova's Methylation Panel

Dr. Michael Chapman's Methylation Webinar


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