11 minutes | Mar 25th 2020

Tips for Building Your Self Confidence with Adrean Turner

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What is the role of self-confidence in leadership? Why is it so important?

At the end of the day, leadership is about having the confidence to decide and implement actions and decisions. If a leader is afraid to commit to decisions, all the efforts of communication and team empowerment won't make a squat of difference.

Leadership without confidence is like building a structure on a weak foundation.

Adrean Turner is ‘The Career Fulfillment Expert’. She is an author, certified career coach, speaker, professional development trainer, and business consultant. She leverages 23 years of experience in management, marketing, operations, teaching, and training to partner with individuals, entrepreneurs, and organizations to achieve their maximum potential.

Adrean’s book, “F.I.T. for Success: Fearless. Inspired. Transformed for Success”, based on her podcast, provides strategies for personal and professional development. FIT for Success reached #38 on Amazon’s best-seller list in work/life balance in business.

In this episode, Adrean shares her life mission is to support others to become their best self and live a life of fulfillment and confidence.


What you will learn from this episode:

  • Find out how to shift a senior female leader’s mediocre outlook of success to have a magnificent vision of opportunities, achievement and confidence
  • Learn how to prompt yourself to be intentional in achieving success as a leader
  • Discover the importance of embracing your worthiness for the position as a senior female leader


"'Follow effective action with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action.'" 

- Adrean Turner quoting Peter Drucker

Valuable Free Resource:


Head on to Adrean’s Website to Learn More about Her Services: http://www.coachadrean.com

Topics Covered:


02:07 - The challenge of female leaders' experience in term of developing their confidence as they excel up in the corporate ladder

02:46 - Symptoms that they normally feel when being in this confidence battle of not deserving their position or the imposter syndrome of being ‘the only female’ in that boardroom

03:19 - Why support is very important to address this leadership and confidence challenges

04:01 - Adrean’s tip on how to address and handle confidence as a leader: Journal your way to success.

04:57 - Valuable free resource on how to better understand the challenges leadership and self-confidence

08:39 - Success tip that Adrean lives by: ‘You are your own CEO ⁠— your Chief Encouragement Officer, and you should have your own personal board of directors⁠—people who can inspire and encourage you.’

Key Takeaways:


"Prompt yourself. You have to be intentional, it helps with confidence, because it's like the more you know, the better you can respond.” - Adrean Turner

“The more you are prepared, the more you plan, the more confident you're going to be. Because you know what you're going to achieve or what you're trying to accomplish." - Adrean Turner

"You are your own CEO ⁠— your Chief Encouragement Officer, and you should have your own personal board of directors⁠—people who can inspire and encourage you. You need to identify a team of people who are invested in supporting you in achieving your goals, dreams, hopes, and desire." - Adrean Turner

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