38 minutes | May 23, 2019

Gravel 2020: Korean Identity and the Anti-Imperialist American Left

.....how engagement with radical anti-imperialist politics create the intellectual space to better understand the personal struggle of defining Korean identity as Korean-Americans in the United States….. .....how a trio of teenagers convinced an 89 year-old former Alaska Senator to make a presidential run…. ....and how an insurgent, largely social media-driven campaign is bringing a radically anti-colonial and anti-war message to the 2020 American election discourse.... On this episode, senior campaign staff Jonathan Suhr and Alex Chang join host Andre Goulet on a dual-cast of Korean history and current affairs show ‘The Korea File’ and Canadian left politics podcast ‘Unpacking the News’ to discuss the extraordinary anti-imperialist campaign of Gravel 2020. Subscribe to Unpacking the News on iTunes and Spotify. Associate Production from Savanna Craig. This conversation was recorded on May 16th, 2019.
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