38 minutes | Jul 14, 2021

The King’s International Spiritual Care University, Basic Courses, An Ancient Heart, Lucifer Part 4

Hello and Welcome again to The King's International Spiritual Care University's Basic Classes on Helping People the Lord's Way with Pastor Deborah. This Is The Basic Class about An Ancient Heart, a Heart that Was a Beauty and Became a Beast, Lucifer. Lucifer was the son/offspring of the First Age of Creation in the Unseen Realm of The Kingdom of Heaven. Lucifer was created to be a Help mate, a Servant of The Most High God and was given wonderful, powerful and glorious Gifts to help him or rather, It to be the Arch Angel, It was created to be. An Arch Angel who was responsible for guarding the Very Presence of The Most High God's Very Throne, Kingdom, Presence and all of it's Goodness and Beauty. All Scriptures Mentioned are from The Authorized King James Version of The Bible 1.Isaiah 61 & 62 Professions Mentioned 1. The American Mental Health Counseling Association 2. The Florida Mental Health Counseling Association Video will be placed in the Playlist of The King's International Spiritual Care University. Please subscribe to the Agape Love, Love Is Here's youtube Channel of The Hidden Kingdoms and you will be notified of all newly released videos. This video will also be placed on Agape Love, Love Is Here's web site in the Section of The King's International Spiritual Care University at https://www.agapeloveishere.org Also, the audio of this Video will be Podcasted out to it's own Podcast Show of The King's International Spiritual Care University on many different Podcast Platforms for listening to. Please continue your spiritual education with the many other Class of Spiritual Care and continue to spiritually learn How To Help People the Lord's Way and not the Way of The World. Also, Please do not leave any comments of any sexual nature or with links to websites or Youtube Channels of any sexual nature or advertisement. These comments are not appropriate and will be removed. All other comments that are about the video are welcome. All are loved by Pastor Deborah and are welcome to watch the video and learn and grow spiritually. Pastor Deborah can also be followed on Twitter and Linkedin. Love Always and Forever Pastor Deborah
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