27 minutes | Oct 28, 2019

MARILYN: The Case Against the Kennedys - Chapter Eleven

Increasingly concerned about Marilyn Monroe’s erratic behavior and the Kennedy secrets she knew, Bobby Kennedy was sent to LA to control the situation. Whether he turned up at Marilyn’s condo with the intention of killing her will never be known, but when she wouldn’t give up her Red Book, things turned violent. A sedative was administered by Dr. Greenson; it didn’t work. A pillow was placed over Marilyn's head, a shot given, and then a fatal injection directly into her heart. Peter Lawford was called to doctor the scene to look like suicide before the police were called, and the Kennedy cover-up operation swung into action.Upstart: Find out how low your Upstart rate is at Upstart.com/MONROE. Best Fiends: Download for free on the Apple App Store or Google Play.  
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