35 minutes | Dec 16, 2019

JONBENÉT: Behind The Scenes Special Episode

In this special behind the scenes episode of The Killing Of JonBenet: The Final Suspects, the audience is brought into the inner circle of the investigative team as they listen into a production meeting at the onset of the project. Executive Producers Dylan Howard and Matt Sprouse talk to investigative reporters Doug Longhini and Doug Montero, as well as the mysterious internet expert known only as Jameson, about the upcoming investigation that will utilize deceased lead detective Lou Smit’s list of uncleared suspects. If you have information that could help our investigators and the Ramseys identify JonBenet’s killer, please email us at tips@justiceforjonbenet.comAway: Learn more at AwayTravel.com/RAMSEY.Native: Get 20% off your first purchase at NativeDeodorant.com with promo code KILLING. Upstart: Find out how low your Upstart rate is at Upstart.com/RAMSEY.SimpliSafe: Take advantage of limited time holiday savings and get a free HD security camera at SimpliSafe.com/JBR.
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