76 minutes | May 16th 2020

The Keto Matrix Podcast Ep47 (Jim Howard Biosense)

Welcome to The Keto Matrix Podcast. In episode 47, Neo has the pleasure of speaking with Jim Howard of Biosense about what I can only describe as truly a REVOLUTIONARY device that is going to impact lives far beyond KETO! As most of you know I have used Ketone Breath measurements as the foundation for my ketone utilization feedback since the beginning of my Keto journey. For the first time in the several YEARS of me doing this a Medical grade device has finally come to market. I have been using it now for a couple weeks and I can honestly say this device is beyond what I even imagined it would be. Enjoy the episode and hit the contact us page on the website TheketoMatrix to have me reach out to you personally with he discount code. Lean in, enjoy and don't forget to hit subscribe and rate 5 stars! For more information and support as well as the things referenced in this episode please see below.  Lots of links below so don't forget to check them out. Website: www.instagram.com/keto.neo/  www.instagram.com/mybiosense / www.theketomatrix.com/ https://mybiosense.com/ --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/the-keto-matrix/support
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