2 minutes | Dec 27, 2020

Introducing the Kati Hyer Show

Ladies, what is going on with your money? Do you know how much is in your bank account? Are you in debt-- scary debt-- and don't know where to start? How about your career, are you advancing as you'd like, or have you hit a wall?  Introducing the Kati Hyer Show I know about all these terrifying situations and more, because I've been there. After getting into over $150,000 of student loan debt, I walked the baby steps out, and am now debt free. On the Kati Hyer show you'll get real talk and real strategies for finally winning with your money.  Helping you become a rockstar with money: - Get the Financial Breakthrough Guide to help you start the year off right - Kati Hyer Newsletter for weekly inspiration - The Kati Hyer Show is on YouTube! Watch the show  - Follow Kati on Instagram, Twitter, or connect on LinkedIn 
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