55 minutes | Mar 8, 2021

How can I be generous while I'm still in debt?!

When we had $154,000 of student loans and a $35,000 income - we didn't know what to do. As we walked the painful journey of righting all our financial wrongs, we came to realize that generosity had to be a central piece for us. But how, outside of giving up our food money, could we be generous when we were paying $1,300 minimums?! I talk about it in this episode and give you three ways you can be generous, even when you're in debt.   PLUS I interview Brian Jewell, Creator of 30 Days to Financial Freedom, about faith and finances, and we had a hilarious conversation about our most embarrassing trips to the grocery store. Take his course and find financial freedom in just 30 days at https://www.30dayfreedom.com/kati​ and save 15%.
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