9 minutes | Feb 23, 2021

Episode 2: Vegan Wendy's Mock "Chicken" Sandwich by the Vegan Caveman

In The Kalevangelist's first "Plate Full of Plants" segment, I'm going to share with you how to make my family's favorite meal that I have made....EVER! Even compared to our "pre-vegan" days. It's the Mock Wendy's Spicy "Chicken" Sandwich by the Vegan Caveman.  Of course you can just click on the link to see the recipe, but in this episode I share with you my tweaks to make the recipe a little simpler and healthier as well as serving suggestions. This is a great make-ahead recipe. I have been known to make the whole recipe, put the patties on a baking sheet and then in the refrigerator to bake the next day. I hope you like this as much as we do!
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