136 minutes | Dec 31, 2017

Ishiro Honda: A Life In Film with Steve Ryfle!

Byrd and Matt welcome very special guest, author Steve Ryfle to the show for a sprawling interview about the life and career of Ishiro Honda, director of many classic tokusatsu films (among other genres).   Steve co-authored the brand new biography, Ishiro Honda:  A Life In Film, From Godzilla to Kurosawa (with Ed Godziszewski).  This eagerly anticipated book is the first official English biography on Ishiro Honda.  It was done with the full cooperation and participation of the Honda family and details his entire life and career (including his more obscure non-genre work).  Steve was kind enough to chat with us about the book and about Ishiro Honda's life and career.  We discuss the genesis of the book, Honda's war experience, his messages of peace and pacifism, his relationships with Eiji Tsuburaya, Akira Kurosawa and others, and his wonderful catalog of films.  So relax and join the conversation!

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