103 minutes | Jul 17, 2021

The Just Talk Podcast Episode 197 - Dragon's Poop...That's Right, Dragon's Poop

What's up everyone!We are back with another episode of the Just Talk Podcast with Episode 197!In this episode, someone decided to join us in the middle of the show. I won't reveal who it is, but it is someone you all know and enjoy screaming at hahahaha. We have a jam packed episode with Tommy talking about YouTube and how non-committal this platform is, Rich talking about the video game Control from Remedy, and guest talking about Dragon's Poop. Yup, Dragon's Poop. Lol.With that said, thank you all for the support and the listens! As always, we appreciate you all and we love you all! We hope you enjoy this episode and until next time, we're goin' silent!Follow Us On Instagram@thejusttalkpodcastEmail Usthejusttalkpodcast00@gmail.comSubscribe To Us On YouTubehttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo40E9rCSueQjDxPl21u8Mg
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