120 minutes | Apr 15, 2021

The Just Talk Podcast Episode 188 - Another Round Of Stimy On The Way

What's up everyone! We are back with another episode of the Just Talk Podcast with Episode 188! Yes we are a bit behind but don't worry, episodes will be catching up.

Rich plays Ghost of Tsushima at the very beginning of the episode, stimulus checks should be coming soon, the boys talk about economics and money, Rich talks about loss and asked the question, do you think people who have lost loves ones early in life appreciates life more? Finally, Tommy and Rich talks about how life was back then in terms of streaming and they talk about what they are doing.

With quite a heavy episode, we hope you all enjoyed it and hopefully had some insights in some or many things. We thank you all as always and we love you all! Until next time, we're going silent. ;)

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