146 minutes | Feb 21, 2021

The Just Talk Podcast Episode 182 - Have You Seen Bridgerton Yet???

What's up everyone! We are back with another episode of the Just Talk Podcast with Episode 182!

Panda Mike is back. Rich's amazing girlfriend Marilyn is back. It's a full house on this episode. They talk about all kinds of things from Ready Player Two, to WandaVision, to Bridgerton...by the way have you seen Bridgerton?! Hahaha also they get into more of a deeper topic that involves what kind of world are we living in.

Overall, it was a blast having Mike and Marilyn back on the mic. With that said, thank you ALL for always coming back and listening and supporting our podcast. We hope you enjoy this episode and we appreciate and love you all! Until next time, we're going silent.

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