86 minutes | Jun 16, 2021

#97 Julio Maria Muhorro (Tales of Entrepreneurship in Africa)

00:00:36 How Julio’s entrepreneurial journey started?00:06:29 How do opportunities for entrepreneurs in Africa stack up currently?00:13:45 How knowledge based and digital content businesses are faring in coastal African countries. How staggered access to digital innovations delays opportunities outside of the US.00:20:48 How to find early adopters for your startup? Can you find them in a ‘non early adopter market’?00:24:35 What is the ‘correct idea‘ of a risk-taking entrepreneur?00:29:01 How will we get to nine billion brains and innovating entrepreneurs in the future?00:36:34 How will we deal with the enormous amount of ‘cultural download’? How difficult is it to identify opportunities?00:40:14 How do we identify and allocate future revenue streams (that look more like TV/film royalties)? How do we stabilize resource allocation for micro entrepreneurship?00:45:01 Why the ‘platform economy’ is a short term ‘trap’ for most entrepreneurs. But is it a good intermediate stage?00:54:01 How do we set the right framework and incentive to encourage and foster entrepreneurship (as an example in Mozambique).01:01:01 Is valuation the only USP of an investor? Are secondary variables more important?01:04:01 Is negative or positive motivation the ‘better motivation’ for creating the desire to ‘improve the world’?01:09:10 What are the best countries to invest in in Africa? Do the ‘nation states’ even matter much?01:16:15 Is Crowdfunding a solution to the funding problem of African startups? You may watch this episode on Youtube – Julio Maria Muhorro (Tales of Entrepreneurship in Africa). Julio Maria Muhorro is an entrepreneur and business coach based in Mozambique and South Africa. Big Thanks to our Sponsors! ExpressVPN – Claim back your Internet privacy for less than $10 a month! Mighty Travels Premium – incredible airfare and hotel deals – so everyone can afford to fly Business Class and book 5 Star Hotels! Sign up for free! Divvy – get business credit without a personal guarantee and 21st century spend management plus earn 7x rewards on restaurants & more. Get started for free! Brex – get a business account, a credit card, spend management & convertible rewards for every dollar you spend. Plus now earn $250 just for signing up (Terms & Conditions apply).
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