87 minutes | Jun 2, 2021

#92 Peter Voss (How and when will we build really intelligent machines?)

00:00:30 How did Peter get started studying intelligence and how he envisions computers and AI should become more intelligent?00:06:31 What better approach can we take to build a thinking machine?00:12:18 When will we have machines that can build and improve themselves?00:16:50 How will the third wave of AI look like?00:19:06 Is GPT-3 like magic or is it a failure?00:21:06 Will we need to create a ‘Free Will’ to create an intelligence machine?00:34:10 How self awareness and abstract concepts are a necessary predecessor to real intelligence?00:39:49 Is overly logical thinking a hindrance in modelling ‘social functions’ in computers?00:45:41 Can ‘real intelligence’ be an emergent property of ‘dumber algorithms’?00:49:09 How aigo.ai is creating a chatbot with a brain?00:59:03 How does aigo.ai learn from customer interactions?01:12:15 Will we all live the lifes of kings soon? What abundance can we expect from the Singularity?01:21:15 How much money should be allocated ‘Third Wave AI’? You may watch this episode on Youtube – # 92 Peter Voss (How and when will we build really intelligent machines?). Peter Voss is a serial entrepreneur and currently runs aigo.ai. The company implements a ‘Third Wave of AI’ with deep understanding of natural language, have short- and long-term memory, learn interactively, use context, and are able to reason and hold meaningful ongoing conversations. Big Thanks to our Sponsors! ExpressVPN – Claim back your Internet privacy for less than $10 a month! Mighty Travels Premium – incredible airfare and hotel deals – so everyone can afford to fly Business Class and book 5 Star Hotels! Sign up for free! Divvy – get business credit without a personal guarantee and 21st century spend management plus earn 7x rewards on restaurants & more. Get started for free! Brex – get a business account, a credit card, spend management & convertible rewards for every dollar you spend. Plus now earn $250 just for signing up (Terms & Conditions apply).
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