48 minutes | Jun 22, 2021

Nordic Biohacking and Finding Happiness | Journey 28 w/ Mads Friis

Mads Friis is the founder of the Growth Island podcast where he covers topics around health, performance, business and life's bigger mysteries. Aside from the podcast, he has also co-built 3 successful startups and has a background in management consulting with Deloitte. Mads is using this experience to train startups and he has worked with over 150 global teams to date. Mads joined me for a conversation on two topics that he's very passionate about, "what makes people happy" and Nordic Biohacking.  In this episode we discuss the three types of happiness and where to start when trying to find happiness. We also talk about the philosophy behind Nordic Biohacking and the importance of incorporating nature and science together.  You can connect with and follow Mads here: Email: mads@growthisland.com Website: www.growthisland.com Instagram: @madsmfriis Linkedin: in/madsmfriis Follow @jaredsalekin on IG for more content from the podcast! 
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