12 minutes | Mar 22nd 2019

Comeback Kid with Tonio DeSorrento

Tonio DeSorrento (Twitter, LinkedIn) is the CEO of Vemo Education, a highly successful company dedicated to expanding access to higher education. But he didn't start there. In fact, his first business crashed and burned so hard, he left the world of entrepreneurship altogether. And it would be years before he found his way back.

"I made a six-figure mistake… I made a huge mistake. I didn't do enough diligence. I didn't know what that even meant. So, it was really hard.”

Through Tonio's story, we learn that even when we think we can’t fail, we will. There will always be challenges to overcome. The question is, will you keep getting back up, or let those challenges keep you from accomplishing your dreams?

Listen to Tonio's journey and learn how he turned his initial failures into a major comeback.

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