51 minutes | Oct 27, 2020

Snoring, Cholesterol Meds, and 90 Pounds ALL GONE! (R)

Previously aired episode with Randy Mullins. In this episode of The Joe Health Show we talk to Randy Mullins.  Randy is just another Joe like you and me, but has managed to take control of his health and lose 90 lbs.  Along with that he's avoided the use of a CPAP machine, no longer snores, has gotten off of cholesterol medication, and teaches others how to achieve the same success. Randy is full of passion for reclaiming your health and it shows in this episode.  You don't want to miss it!   Check out Randy’s Facebook page, Journey to Health, here.Follow The Joe Health Show on facebook Follow The Joe Health Show on IG If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Primal Health Coach, it would be great if you'd follow the link here!To sign up for the email list and get your free copy of how to navigate social situations while following a specific diet, go here!LMNT is one of the best electrolyte drinks that I have found.  I highly recommend them!  To get your first box use this link!Also, here you can join The Joe Health Show facebook group!
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