58 minutes | Oct 7, 2020

I Should Have Died. Coming Back from the Brink w/ Beth Maconaughey

Beth never believed she could reverse her insulin resistance, pre diabetes, Crohn’s colitis, high blood pressure, and migraines. She just accepted the fact that this was her lot in life. All she wanted to do was drop 20 pounds to relieve some pressure from her joints. Little did she know that when she began to remove all the processed garbage food that her situation would be free from these hardships she never imagined would leave. Another story of real food keto, low carb, and carnivore for the win!!! Let alone the fact that she was in a coma for days, had her lungs collapsed and her intestines all over the operating room table being cleaned from infection and should be dead. What a story! So much inspiration and wisdom in this episode! Read about Beths Story here! Follow The Joe Health Show on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/thejoehealthshowFollow The Joe Health Show on IG at https://www.instagram.com/thejoehealthshow/If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Primal Health Coach, it would be great if you'd follow the link here!To sign up for the email list and get your free copy of how to navigate social situations while following a specific diet, go here!LMNT is one of the best electrolyte drinks that I have found.  I highly recommend them!  To get your first box use this link! Also, here you can join The Joe Health Show facebook group!
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