52 minutes | Dec 2, 2020

Creating an Effortless Relationship with Food featuring Erin Power of Eat Simple

This is an absolute can't miss 100th episode.  Erin Power of Eat Simple joins us today on the show and let me tell you, I got schooled.  The short amount of time Erin and I spoke, she layed several questions on me about my own eating habits that I never really thought about.  She truly does help you to create an effortless relationship with food.  In this episode we talk about meal timing, nutrient density,  intentional eating, your relationship with your body, and so many other fun and beneficial topics.  Erin has a diploma as a Holistic Nutritionist, is a Certified Primal Health Coach and has completed many other trainings as a health coach.  She has also amassed many successful client success stories.  You can find her on IG here, as well as on her website here.  Follow The Joe Health Show on facebook Follow The Joe Health Show on IG If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Primal Health Coach, it would be great if you'd follow the link here!To sign up for the email list and get your free copy of how to navigate social situations while following a specific diet, go here!LMNT is one of the best electrolyte drinks that I have found.  I highly recommend them!  To get your first box use this link!Also, here you can join The Joe Health Show facebook group!
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