40 minutes | Feb 17, 2021

Democrats do the right thing. It doesn't even take courage, just decency: Ep - 299

It occurred to Jene we’ve underutilized a key history resource in our midst. Jerry, what was it like during the pandemic of 1918? Was it as bad as this one? Did you wear a mask daily?

On a serious note, might America have been changed positively forever by our recent pandemic? For example, will many companies make home working permanent saving money on offices and headquarters? Will, then, less rush hour driving cut pollution, car wrecks and money for gas? Will news show interviews be permanently better due to the ease of getting outstanding sources direct from their locations via Zoom? Have families relocated their connections through home lockdowns? Is there a silver lining in all this?

Maybe we're approaching the time for Universal Income?

Jerry’s weekly thought: Democrats do the right thing. It doesn't even take courage, just decency.

Musical guest: Casey Campbell



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