25 minutes | Oct 28th 2020

Fresh Beans, Monitor Help, and PS5 Gaming

Overview In this episode I talk about how to keep coffee beans fresh, what to look out for when buying a new monitor or TV, and what to expect from the new PS5 as a gaming system.  Show Notes 0:00 - Welcome to Episode 4 Coffee 1:00 - Factors that affect fresh quality coffee 1:53 - Tips for storing coffee 2:57 - Freshness whole bean vs ground 4:02 - Buying Fresh Coffee 5:52 - Should you freeze your beans?  Tech 9:17 - Monitors and TVs 10:14 - What is resolution? 12:02 - Different panel (display) types 15:58 - What is response time? 19:31 - What is refresh rate?  Gaming 21:41 - Are you buying the PS5 21:57 - 120hz 4K refresh rate 23:09 - Faster load times 23:18 - Better and faster graphics performance  24:44 - Wrap up Support the Show!  If you enjoy this podcast, make sure to give a follow on Twitter @BraydenGirard as I will be tweeting out relevant content and news there! If you are looking to join the JavaDad Comrades, join us on Discord to have your voice heard and learn something new https://discord.gg/tbAEXR9
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