13 minutes | Nov 4th 2020

Amazon for Coffee, WCAG in Ontario, and Black Ops Cold War news

Overview In this episode, I talk about an idea I have had to build the Amazon of coffee, I discuss what accessibility means when it comes to the web, and I relay the recent news around the soon approaching release of Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War!  Show Notes 0:00 - Welcome to Episode 5  Coffee 0:15 - Trouble finding small-batch roasters 0:41 - The Amazon for buying coffee 1:55 - What do you think? Leave a comment in Discord! Tech 2:24 - Only 6 months till WCAG 2.0 compliance in Ontario 3:43 - Who does this affect and what does it mean? 4:20 - What is website accessibility? 6:03 - Perceivable website 6:33 - Operable website 7:00 - Understandable website 7:29 - Robust website 8:36 - Penalty of up to $50,000 per day  Gaming 9:10 - My history in the Call of Duty franchise 9:40 - Campaign mode looks really good 10:00 - Treyarch Engine for Black Ops and Infinity Engine for Warzone 10:54 - 10 days till Call of Duty released and preloading is coming! 11:12 - Activision & Nvidia partnership for free Black Ops Cold War on PC 11:54 - Wrap up Support the Show! If you enjoy this podcast, make sure to give a follow on Twitter @BraydenGirard as I will be tweeting out relevant content and news there! If you are looking to join the JavaDad Comrades, join us on Discord to have your voice heard and learn something new https://discord.gg/tbAEXR9
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