48 minutes | Jun 25th 2018

Tim Moen Interview -12 Rules for America

Really great show today featuring Tim Moen! We have Micheal Jackson Antisemitism Talk Jack gives you the update on the CoHosting Deal and how he gets left in the dust. Also, some legal weed talk baby... we talk about genderless aliens and why aliens poke and prod us. (spoiler- it's to get #nipples) I also discuss why I think aliens are sexy. I also discuss a non existent gas war- I was wrong. #CANTTAKEAWAYMYPSLOCYIBINRIGHTS Jack discusses trying to bring #peacetothemiddleeast.. and also talks about what he thinks alien are. #timetravelers Home alien defense and can you defend yourself from a #rapey alien?? Listen and find Out. Is Justin Trudeau Castro's Baby?? Also Baldwin Brother Talk INCOMING Nicholas Cage MOVIE REVIEWS from THE #freedomfaucet man Himself
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