52 minutes | May 26th 2018

Part 2: Tim Moen & Prahas Nafissian Interviews

Part 2 BIG SHOW! Jack has Prahas on the phone, a Life Coach known to be in connection with internet legend Robert Ray Hedges, a Immortalist and self proclaimed "Webmaster of the Internet". Prahas exposes Robert's view of death as a problem to be solved and how Robert lived as a "Sand Wizard" in Sadona AZ. The show experienced some frustrating technical difficulties with the phone to start, but ultimately was a success. Jack can't believe Prahas doesn't know who Joe Rogan is. A google search of "Webmaster of the Internet" will give you all you need to learn about Robert Ray Hedges. You will find Information on Prahas at https://musingsofadisciple.wordpress.com Libertarian Party Leader, Tim Moen calls in, Jack and Tim talk about what makes a career politician and what separates Tim from that, how the US and Canada perpetuate terrorism, How to not get laid and get "friend zoned",Trudeau, say what? and much more!
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