41 minutes | Mar 29th 2021

The Jab: How will science benefit?

The concerted and rapid efforts to counter covid-19 have turbo-charged scientific progress. How can this new knowledge be applied to treat future threats to human health?  Gregg Glenn, head of research and development at Novavax on why that vaccine is effective against variants.  Alok Jha, The Economist's science correspondent, hosts with our health policy editor, Natasha Loder. Oliver Morton, briefings editor, Cuba correspondent Roseanne Lake and James Fransham from our data team join them. For full access to The Economist’s print, digital and audio editions subscribe at economist.com/thejabpod. Sign up for our new weekly science and data newsletters at economist.com/simplyscience and economist.com/offthecharts    See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
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