10 minutes | Feb 25, 2015

Episode 19: How to Write a Successful Business Plan

Meg Rulli with ModMark Group, Bobby Bryant with iBuy Realty and Patrick E. Linstrom with Kelly's Delight explain the importance of having a business plan and how they created their business plan. Do you have a business plan? How did you successfully create one? Share with the other Real G's (Real Go-Getters) in the comments below! In this episode of Entrepreneur Decoded we discuss: * Why it is important to have a business plan Visionaries * Meg Rulli - ModMark Group (http://www.modmarkgroup.com/) * Bobby Bryant - iBuy Realty (http://www.ibuyrealty.com/agents.php) * Patrick E. Linstrom - Kelly's Delight (http://www.kellysdelight.com/)
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