36 minutes | Sep 24, 2020

5: Blockchain and the Future of Networking

In this podcast series, we’ve taken a look at use cases across a range of industries, including healthcare, life sciences and food production. It’s clear that blockchain technology has moved past the hype stage and is now part of a maturing market likely to have a transformative effect on business around the world. In this episode, host Alex Manders takes a deeper look at the network technology facilitating the growth of blockchain, and how blockchain itself is shaping the future of networking. His guest, Lyle Paczkowski, Senior Technology Strategist at T-Mobile, is a veteran of the IT innovation world with impressive credentials in the enterprise wireless voice and media markets. Listen in as they discuss how we are moving from a telecom era to a “datacom” era and the implications of blockchain for 5G technology, data security, privacy and much more.  
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