73 minutes | Aug 9th 2020

Iron Rod 088 – Helaman 7-12

Nephi prophecies, but instead of issuing a gospel essay he provides specific details to uncover the identity of a murderer, thereby demonstrating to the people that he has power from on high. Nephi hears the word of the Lord, but instead of keeping it to himself as something too sacred to reveal, he writes down the words of the Lord and they are published to the world in the Book of Mormon. Nephi receives the sealing power, but instead of marrying people he initiates a famine that convinces the people to turn to the Lord and repent.

Isaiah 10:1-4

Isaiah 5:20-25

Isaiah 59:1-4

Ezekiel 18:21

Ezekiel 33:11

Revelation 13:17

Luke 12:8-9