56 minutes | Apr 23, 2021

Using the 3D Digital Twin to Make Sense of Industrial Sensor Data

Our guest, John Burton is CEO and co-founder of UrsaLeo, a company focused on bringing modern UI to the industrial world. Previously John had a 30-year career in semiconductors and founded multiple companies. In this episode, John and Bruce discuss: The process and technology involved in creating a 3D digital twin. Different use cases for 3D visualization of IoT data. The advantages 3D and 4D visualization of industrial data has over the more common 2D visualization of today. Selling the 3D digital twin to the OEM versus the end customer. The Flogistix case study, where the value, costs and time are quantified. Related links you may find useful: Season 2: Episodes and show notes Season 2 book: The Private Equity Digital Operating Partner Season 1: Episodes and show notes Season 1 book: IoT Inc Training: Digital transformation certification
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