62 minutes | Mar 12, 2021

Replacing Goldilocks with a Food Safety Overlay Network

Our guest, Jurgo Praden, is CEO of Thinnect, and has two decades of experience as an IoT researcher, a CTO and now as a CEO. His previous company, Defendec, produced a wireless border patrol product that’s currently protecting over 30 countries. In this episode, Jurgo and Bruce discuss: The meaning of, and the growing importance of, mist computing – a term coined by Jurgo. The tech of mist computing - part of the distributed compute surface that includes the fog (gateways and other devices in the OT network) and the cloud. The commercial importance, of ease of installation and scalability, and the tech behind it. Thinnect’s Temp-Sense overlay sensing network service for food safety, the price and value created, and revenue model deployed. Restaurant and supermarket case studies to tie tech and value creation together. Related links you may find useful: Season 2: Episodes and show notes Season 2 book: The Private Equity Digital Operating Partner Season 1: Episodes and show notes Season 1 book: IoT Inc Training: Digital transformation certification
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